Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY I had aspirations of becoming a writer. My teachers told me I was very creative and my short stories were always put up on the board outside the classroom. My mind was always on the next character and what exciting adventures they would encounter. My love of reading, writing and books is neverending!

I made my first homemade pie crust at 14 and I was hooked with baking. I followed recipes diligently, tweaked them when I wanted to and made up some of my own. I grew up and got married, had children and continued to bake cakes. The next step was decorating them. I took the Wilton Courses, practiced some techniques on my own and took advanced classes with Nicholas Lodge. (He was on the team that created one of the cakes for Princess Di’s wedding. Besides operating his school and store here in GA and one in Japan, he is also a judge for The Food Network.)

We are constantly trying new recipes and learning new techniques to bring even more tasty, high quality creations to our clients. We love what we do and have lots of fun doing it. I could not do what I do without my wonderful, supportive family. They support my crazy!

So far the response has been very encouraging! I appreciate that you have taken the time to visit my site.

If you have any questions, or would simply like to leave me feedback, feel free to email or call me!


OK, let me start by saying that I was very reluctant to write this bio because I consider the Once Upon A Cake to be totally my wife’s concept and did not want to pretend to be a “real” cake guy when I know I am not.

Over the years, I have dabbled in many hobbies. As a kid, I loved cars-the engineering and the art behind them. I took extensive automotive technology classes and read many books on them, and also on buildings, motorcycles, ships, planes, etc. I took music lessons and to this day pretend to be a bassist-though I know I am not that good at it.

Anyway, instead of following a career track in engineering, racing or anything like that, I ended up working in, and continuing my studies in insurance and business. So, in the shop, I am the “Business Manager” and basically make sure that the shop runs as closely to a “real” business as you can get cake people to do. Cake people do not like organized business concepts, let me assure you.

My duties include: Taking out the trash, scrubbing the floors at night, re-organizing the shelves, getting yelled at by Maria, writing and responding to emails, creating internet ads, answering the phone (it won’t kill you to pick up the phone ladies!), conducting over the phone descriptions/designs for customers, conducting designs in-person for customers (the preferred method), running the credit card, running to the store, get this, get that, deliver this cake, and while on the road stop in at this commercial customer to drop off samples, a few things that I am not allowed to write down here, and, my favorite: I design, carve and finish off all of the 3 dimensional cakes! Yeah, I did not plan it that way, but all those helmet cakes, car cakes, gas tanks, motorcycles and anything that looks like a Dude-Cake, yeah, that was me.

But for the record, I am not a real cake guy. Just pretending to be one. I gotta get this call….


First born here! Growing up we were always eating DESSERTS. We were taught to appreciate different foods, cultures and the arts. Creativity was always encouraged and theme nights were always the norm. When we learned about China it was an all day event finishing with homemade Chinese food. Italian night the same. Caribbean night ended with dancing! You get the idea.

I help sketch and come up with designs, but mostly I’m the delivery guy.


Second in line to the cake throne!

Our house was never without some type of crafting. From soaps, candles, painting, etc. She tried teaching us crochet but she’s a lefty! Don’t think she’s given that up either. She’s made Vitamin C serum for us and the latest thing she mentioned was making sunscreen.

I help with the “building” and the decorating of the cakes. I also help with designs. Victoria and I designed our friends’ wedding cakes found in the gallery (grey and yellow chevron and the white and purple ruffle cake). Mostly I help keep the calm in the kitchen. You don’t know how intense it can get when powdered sugar falls all over the floor! 

Once Upon A Cake, LLC